The Liebert Author Advocacy Program (LAAP) welcomes participation by academic, corporate, and funding institutions or departments to enable the support of Open Access (OA) scholarly publishing and enhance the visibility of research output from your institution.

LAAP members receive a number of tangible benefits including: a 25% discount on Open Access article processing charges (APC) for research published in any Liebert journal and complimentary membership for published OA authors in the AuthorCite™ marketing services platform.

Benefits of Liebert Author Advocacy Program Participation

  • Reduced Open Access Charges: Researchers at member institutions receive a 25% discount on Article Processing Charges (APC) to any Liebert journal
  • Immediate Global Access: Fast tracked posting of accepted peer-reviewed OA articles on all key indexing services including PubMed Central*
  • Marketing Visibility and Reach: Valuable marketing and publicity is provided for each published OA article, providing your institution and authors expanded global exposure
  • Complimentary Membership: Published OA authors at participating LAAP institutions receive free membership in the AuthorCite marketing services platform

Liebert Author Advocacy Program Membership Fee: Participants in LAAP pay a flat rate for annual membership in the program based on the number of researchers/graduate students active at your institution.

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*Please note that PubMed Central, not the Publisher, has sole control over when the paper is made live on PMC.